Support for VS2010?

Feb 26, 2010 at 8:02 PM

Does anyone know if this works in VS2010?

Mar 2, 2010 at 7:11 AM

It doesn't, but it will. The model of addins hasn't changed between VS2005-VS2010. Yesterday, I tried to load the addin with VS2010, and it worked but i had some issues in the initialization of the toolbar. Thanks for your interest

Mar 2, 2010 at 2:07 PM

that is good to know.

I want to thank you for your effort so far. I am real excited about this plugin, because I feel it fills a need for our development group. I am trying to get the process down so others can use this plugin as  tool for developing documentation via Doxygen.

I am a bit new to the whole open-source initiative, so I am a bit unsure on how to proceed with regards to what I feel are bug reports. I have entered one issue under the 'Issue Tracker'.

I will itemize what I have found so far:

1. A colleague has tried it under a beta version of VS2010. He claimed it did not 'just work'. But since you tried it, I am wondering if might have fallen in to the trap of #2.

2. We have a solution that has both our application and a project setup to build our Doxygen-generated documentation. On the initial launch, there are no document built and the plugin's 'Doxygen browser' is disabled as expected. Now if we build the 'Docs' project and generated the documents, then the plugin does not seem to refresh itself and enable the 'Doxygen browser'. The user must exist the solution/IDE and restart before the plugin enables itself. Not a real big issue, since this only happens the first time, but it may lead new users to believe something is broken and give up before they get things working.

3. When everything is working. I noticed that 'Search' capability is disabled in my documenation when I launch from the 'Doxygen browser'. If I launch the same docs in IE, the search seems to work.

4. This issue may be more of an understanding of Doxygen that this plugin. However, it seems unclear on what gets put into the token.xml file and how it tied into the plugin's Navigate From Here feature. I am seeing quite a few anchors in the xml file, but when I try to navigate from the source code, most times I fail. It is not everytime, just most. So I am thinking the plugin is working, but the information in the .xml is just not the right information. I will play with it some more.

Again, thank you so much for your effort.

Mar 4, 2010 at 9:33 AM


You are complete right in all issues that you commented, about them...

1. I need to add the configuration to allow VS2010 to load the addin

2. The indexation of doxygen documentation is done when the solution is loaded, if you change the doxygen documentation, the addin doesn't update this data; i thought to use FileSystemWatcher to update the indexation, but i don't know if it works.

3. This ussue, it's pretty difficult to resolve it, because i don't know why the webbrowser control (the addin is based in this control) doesn't work properly when it is executed by VS200X. I think that it's a problem with security and trusty (because of this, maybe WebBrowser doesn't execute javascript), I have to see how to fix this.

4. what kind of anchors you are looking and you don't find? what language are you using in your project?(C++, C#...)

I'll keep your issues in mind, and i'm going to create the issues in the issue tracker to create a roadmap with which to start working.

Thanks for your feedback

I'm also new in open-source initiative :) , and i don't have too much time to dedicate in this project, so i'm sorry if i take time to answer.